Bundle Baby BOdies? Where to find

Good morning!
I am asking the person who posted the picture on facebook to see if they will offer a suggestion, but in the meantime I wanted to ask my friends here.

Where can I get a body like this for a bundle baby? All of it is soft like a cabbage patch kid but with a reborned head on it:

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Thanks for any suggestions!

I found this link on Dollfan

Perfect!! And a wonderful price!!
Thank you so much Kristi!!

Great! do you sew? These bundle babies are great !

Thank you Bonnie that’s really cute I like how she but the lace! Yeah 15 to ship is a lot because I just shipped a head to Canada and it was only 11.50 too!

I can sew but only basic I have a nice sewing machine and I’m confident I could sew one if there was a pattern I could purchase somewhere! I want to make a doll with just the head and snuggly everything else
I emailed that lady from the website so I hope she gets back to me!

Okay- hope it works out!!

If you sew, I used to make cloth babies for my kids when they were little, I got most of the patterns from Carol Lee Creations. It would be the same pattern except you would not make the head and hem the neck to put your cable through. She has all different sizes and shapes of patterns. I still have most of my patterns, they are fun to make. She used to have the fabric, it is a stretchier fabric than the doe suede but the same kind of texture. They are really pretty easy to make. I have never seen babies done like this, super cute!

Thank you ladies! and i will check out Carol Lee as well!