After a very long waite the bummy beans are in —I have 100 # and it looks like they well go very fast -please PM me if you still want some and had ask for them before -THEN I well take orders for the rest -more are comming soon-still $4 a pound to BB friends!!!

Sure thing!!! Bummybeans are made of a soft squishy plastisol that I tested on about 1/2 dozen kits and it had no reaction with the vinyl ,poly pellets ect-It comes in a knitt bag ready to drop right into the body- We now have a website WWW.bummybeans.com Please stop by and check it out!!!

Has anyone tried these?

This topic is from October 2009? Funny I never heard about bummybeans before! Should I assume that they did not work too well?

I don’t know… But, the website is still active!!!