Bulk Honeybug Pacis and magnets?

Anyone buy either of these in bulk and can help points me inthe right direction? I need about 200 magnets and 100 honeybug pacis?

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kandjmagnetics.com for the magnets. Can’t help with bulk pacis.

I get multiple pacis from @JillianJade 's ebay store Little_Ever_After | eBay Stores

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I buy bulk magnets on Dolls by Sandie.

This is where I get my magnets from.


Awesome, magnets should be easy to get my hands on :slight_smile: Should I contact honeybug directly and ask her for pricing on 100 or more of them?


This is the owner - Debbie
She lives in South Africa

Harbor Freight has the magnets.

I get mine from here
I only get N50, tried the weaker ones but they did not have enough pull. I get bigger ones for inside the doll, and some that fit into the pacis, depending on th size of the paci.

The last lot I got for inside the head:


JillianJade is little_ever_after on Ebay ,she has 12 packs on Ebay of the honeybug pacifiers. If you can’t contact her here ,try sending an Ebay message.

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I can definitely help you with both of those. PM me more about what you need.

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You’ll need to be an authorized re-seller to order wholesale from Debbie. If you are just wanting to order, I’m happy to work out a deal for you.

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