Bug wasn't a bug!

Ended up in the er when my fever spiked… Still here lol… But they said I was so dehydrated from A kidney infection, the muscle was breaking down! Scary! Been a long night.


prayers hope you feel better soon

Oh! Get well soon!

Praying for you


Prayers for you

You poor thing!!! I hope your home healthy soon! :kiss:

I hope you feel better soon!

Dehydration is a terrible thing. I was in the ER once, thinking my heart was about to blow. I had such bad heart palpitations that it was really scary. They kept me in the ER for a whole afternoon getting me re-hydrated! I keep my fluid levels up now. You can bet on that. Didn’t you have pain with the kidney infection? Are you feeling okay now? I’ll be praying for you to feel great and get well really fast!

Get well soon.

Oh yikes that sounds really scary!! I’m glad you’re ok now-----don’t forget to drink lots of water NOW!! I hope the kidney infection is ok and there is no permanent damage. Get well soon!!

oh dear! hope you are better really soon.

That must be scary! I hope you are soon feeling much better!

WOW…so glad they got it figured out…and hope you are feeling better soon!!

Get well!

Glad you went to the ER for diagnosis and fluids…Hope you feel better real soon! Sending hugs and prayers… :pray: :revolving_hearts:

Thanks so much ladies, they ended up doing about 5 bags of fluids and gave me meds for the pain. They want to look into it because I’ve had a kidney infections since I was 18. Probably a good 16 of them! For now just rest and strawberry fruit bars xD but I feel soooo much better. Glad I went, I don’t like to be a whiner lol.

Edited to say I wasn’t going to go a my grandmother made me haha.