My kit has a bubble on her finger. Is there anything I can do for it?

If it is a BB kit contact their customer service. They are good about fixing problems.


Is it a seconds? Make sure you have your order number.

No it wasn’t a seconds but it was on sale two and a half years ago lol.

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Make surr you have the order number. They may be able to look.it up with the email you use fir them. I dont know if they go back that far. What kit is it? I had an owen kit like that. But i had brougt from a forum member.

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Puncture the bubble with very fine sharp needle immediately after you take the arm out of the oven, you may need 2 or 3 holes, depending on the size of the bubble. You may get away with just pressing the air all out and hold it tight to cool. If there is no more air trapped it should nor blow up again.

Thank you. I pressed on it while it was hot and it went down. I will look for something to put in the finger once I’m done with her. It’s for a play doll anyway. Still wanted it to be nice. It’s the Kate kit.

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