I’m curious as to wither you can clean brushes that have been used with genesis paints and cleaned with the normal brush cleaner and then cleaned well in hot soapy water if you could use them with miracle blend air dry paint?
I hope I explained that properly. Thanks for taking a look.

If you cleaned them really, really well, you could, but it is difficult to get the ferrule’s cleaned out and residue tends to stay in there eventually leach out and contaminate your paints. I don’t think it’s a good idea, but if you really can’t afford to retool, you could probably do it. Do the whole cleaning process a couple of times to be sure.

Honestly i wouldnt. I know theyre expensive but its much more expensive and disappointing to ruin hard work if it doesnt work out. I replaced all my brushes when i switched to air dry.

Thank you ladies, I’m going to heed your warning and get new brushs😊


You can clean them with regular dawn dish soap, however I would buy new ones, just so you have seperate ones for different paints .

Thank you and judging from what ya’ll are saying I’m going to get new brushs.:blush:

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I bought some new Maxine’s Mop Brushes from I thought they were pretty good prices.

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Get new brushes!

Bette, that sounds like the voice of experience. No beating about the bush! Just the facts. And probably that’s the best advice too.

yes ma’am. hate to see anyone else make the same mistake.

Just out of curiosity, what happened when you made that mistake? Did the paint not take?

worse. not only did the paint not take, the vinyl turned green underneath. it was awful. not just because of the work involved, but it was a custom ordered Victoria and I had to replace the kit to the tune of $159 and redo it. It was already rooted with a thick head full of Delta Dawn hair, so that was another $60. Get NEW brushes!

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I will listen to the voice of experience. Thank you all for your im’put and very good advice


New brushes it is then! Thanks Bette. I think that question is now answered forever! LOL