Brushes (help)

What in your opinions are the best brush to use for eyebrows?

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I have spent hundreds of $ on brushes -cut them down to one or 2 hairs and then not be able to pick up any paint at all. The best brush I own is my cheapest. It is a eyeliner brush ordered from China in a pack of 50 for $2. About 10cm long- black with orange bristles. I cut it down to a few hairs and it works way way better than the expensive brushes. Holds the paint so I can get more than one hair at a time to keep the flow of the eyebrow. I use them for all my detail work now.


I just purchased nail art brushes from amazon. I have yet to use them but I’m looking forward to it. They are way thinner then any brush I’ve ever purchased or tried to cut down.