Brush flaking

Dumb complaint i guess but I have the worst problems with my brushes flaking off their black coating.
Maybe they are cheap cant remenber i think from Hobby Lobby though. but im tired of picking black chips off my paint jobs Any solution that worked other than sand them?

Omg! Me too!,and yes some of mine are from hobby lobby,but…i bought mine separately so they aren’t that cheap. I just think its the quality of the handles.

Maybe wrap them in duct tape or masking tape? Might make it difficult to wash them though. Or maybe seal the handles with mod podge? Just thinking out loud lol.


I think you can remove with acetone.

I’ve got the same problem, except mine are a golden color. I just pick off as much as I can really.
I think what’s making them flake is when I leave them in the water (or tinner if you use Genesis) for too long.

Yes maybe i get thinner on my fingers and it takes it off Brushes are getting old. Shoild probably polyurethane u.cheapest brushes
are just wood no paint maybe that’s a better idea!!

Mona Lisa melts my plastic handled brushes.

Well its gotten worse now i was finding black spots on my babies coming from my fingers i dont own black paint.wiped brushes off sanded then put modge podge on the handles Hope that works.
Anyone do that?Or is everyone more neat than i am lol

Your approach will most likely work. Windsor & Newton Brush Cleaner/Restorer will also strip laquer from your brushes.

Better quality brushes won’t chip like that, but there’s nothing wrong with inexpensive brushes if they work for you :blush:

These are mostly Plaid from Hobby Lobby.Got each because of their bristle type for what I needed.
Not a package not the best either Oddly a package of really cheap brushes i think i said had wooden handles better than these handles at least after a few years although their bristles come out now and then .

I have never had that happen with my brushes. I have a variety, but really like Black Gold by Dynasty. They are probably low-to mid range in price, but have held up really well for me. I have never found them in a local store, so I order online.

Good to know thanks

I have tons of brushes and I find the ones I reach for most are the plastic handle ones I got from walmart

I coated t hem with modge podge they are fine now.Have to remember to do that earlier but i will check out plastic handled next time i need some!Thanks