Do any of you ladies know how to mix a nice soft baby brown for brows that won’t turn orange? I have tried mixing the blue into the brow brown so it doesn’t change color but it doesn’t seem to work. Am I not using enough blue or am I mixing it into the wrong color? I want to root with a soft brown so that’s why I need this info. Thanks.

Use black as your base color.

Thank you but I don’t know what you mean. Start with black? and mix in what?

yes I do believe that is what she means. If you have the brows already on, you can do an overlay of black wispy hairs as well. You can try adding a little at a time of green (blue/green) to see if that knocks out the orange as well, especially if it’s more of a reddish orange.

Thank you, you guys really know your colors. I have NO color knowledge.

Just remember to add tiny tiny bits at a time, because if you overdo it you’ll get a muddy look.