Brow Color

Can someone please tell me what colors to mix to get a nice soft brown for brows that does NOT turn orange or reddish. I feel like I have tried everything and I still can’t come up with a nice soft color. Thanks in advance.

The lower brow is brown brow. The higher brow is being replaced lower on the brow bone but it was painted with brown brow and a touch of Mars black. Was trying to see if I liked it darker. Maybe adding a bit of flesh to brown would give a lighter softer color. I usually use just brown brow color and paint very lightly and add more lines in the center of brow to give definition.

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brow brown with a tiny pin prick of blue will get rid of the orangy tone in it.

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Thanks I’ll give it a try. I’m not an artist therefore I don’t know about the color mixing stuff.

@lynn do u have brow brown? if not there are other ways to make a nice brow brown color using different colors

I’m sitting here thinking about it but I don’t think that is a color I have either. Going to have to check the box. If not, I need some. I know I had a brow brown in the air dry paints that I really liked the shade of. Most times I end up rooting at least a little of the brow just because I can’t handle the idea of them just being paint. Weird quirk but hey, how else are you going to pet the poor babies to sleep?!! Just checked and I have a big jar of it. Sure hope it never goes bad because at the rate, I’m going I’ll never use it all.

yes I do have brow brown, I will add a little blue and see what I get. Thanks guys—appreciate it.