Brooklyn oh those arms!

Dear Bountiful baby,

This is baby is on the list of my favorite sculpts. I have painted her several times and she is always adorable. My only complaint is that deep crease in her arms and those two angry fists…grrrrr… still love her anyway but she is a long sleeve baby.


Does Brooklyn awake have the same limbs? If not maybe could swap em out

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Those are the reasons I haven’t bought her kit yet! She is cutely painted though :slight_smile:


Yeah, I haven’t painted her but they’re not my favorites. I don’t like newborn June’s either. I found them really stiff and impossible to pose.

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Ohhhh I love her arms

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Jade and baby june have those deep arm creases too. Jade has my favorite limbs!


As always, you never fail us…GORGEOUS🤗

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I love jades little curled up body.

Brooklyn has the sweetest face. We had an Artist here swapped out her arms with…I think it Laila? it was super cute.

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She is just gorgeous!

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