Brooklyn and Jade

Can anyome tell me if Realborn kits Brooklyn and Jade are twins?

I thought I heard this watching a You Tube video.


I have no idea

Thanks. Me either. May that you tuber was wrong.

@bbsupport Perhaps BB Support team will answer it.

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I don’t believe so as Jade was about a 9lb infant. So I’ve heard.

Thank you ladies

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As a twin myself I think there is no chance of her being one with a 9lb birth weight. My twin was seen as huge for a twin and she was almost 7lb’s.

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Im pretty sure that they are not twins. Im sure you know that BB have had i think 3 sets of twins that have been turned into Realborns. Im positive that BB would have let us know if they were twins before the release of the kits like they have done with all the others :grinning: :heart:

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Without looking I think it’s Evelyn and Elizabeth, Miya and Macey, and oops I’m pulling a blank. I know but it’s escaped me lol

Aspen and Leif

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TY :heart_eyes: