Bringing a reborn on a plane

I’m bringing a reborn in a carryon for my flight tomorrow. Has anyone had any issues with security? I have a glove filled with glass beads in his head, I read somewhere that the glove will flag security and they’ll think it’s drugs. Eek! Never done this before and don’t want any trouble!


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My daughter bought hers on a flight to vegas. Nearly gave a guy in line a heart attack when she put her in the bucket to go through the scanner. Then they felt her stomach and my daughter held her for the flight. Im not sure if its the same if packed. Bring extra ties in case they make you open.


I’ve brought a reborn in my Carryon a few times. Never had any trouble. They swab them (to check for drug residue - it is dry so nothing will hurt the vinyl or the paint) and that is usually that. Just make sure you tell them that this is an expensive collectible item and to handle with care. It might have been the first time I flew with mine - (and not that it actually hurt him) the TSA officer gave him a good shaking about on purpose. It upset me more than anything - because in reality he was not going to get shaken baby syndrome from it. In future flights I made sure to mention to handle with care and the officers were very gentle and many even found the baby adorable.


Mine got pulled into security and they just swabbed it. No issues. They have seen everything!

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I took one on a flight to visit a friend. I had mine in a baby carrier. When I took off the carrier, with the doll in it, and put it in the bin there was a collective gasp behind me. I very quickly told them it wasn’t a real baby. The TSA agent had me take it out of the carrier then he scanned it, swabbed it, and strip searched it all the while looking at me like I was going to do something. I was afraid I was going to miss my flight. It was kind of funny, though.
The next time I took one on a flight I put it in a shopping bag and told the agent there was a doll in the bag that looked like a real baby. She said ‘that’s fine’, put it through the scanner and sent me on my way. Maybe the difference was how I was transporting them. I don’t think it’s a problem if it’s in a checked bag. I just don’t want mine out of my sight for fear it will get lost.
Taking extra zip ties in case they take it apart is a really good idea.

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So I’m flying out in a few hours and I don’t know if I should take my reborn. My concern is she has the steel pellets. I called TSA and they said it shouldn’t be a problem but I worried about the floor offices.

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I’ve had one of my reborns go from here in Florida to her new home with her new mommy to Ireland…they said absolutely no problems.

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I had one in my carry on. The first flight I was pulled aside so it could get swabbed and the second flight my bag was flagged after going through x-ray. I had to take the baby out for them and unwrap it so they could x-ray it by itself, extra long I might add.

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You could bring extra zip ties, just in case. Or maybe a small plastic bag with some of the stuff that’s in the doll.

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I fly to the ROSE show carrying my doll in my arms wrapped in a blanket (just like you would carry a baby). I put it through the xray (in bin) with no issues. They usually swab it for explosives and then just pass you through. I do however carry little snack size ziplock bags with a tiny amount of each ingredient that is contained in the doll ( glass beads, BB’s, fiberfill) just so they can see what it contains if they want to know. I stick these bags in the outside pocket of my carry on where they are easy to get to just in case. It is a good idea to carry a few zip ties, just in case.


Thanks for your input everyone! On my way now so I’ll let yo know how it goes! Hoping for a smooth pass through security :crossed_fingers:

UPDATE: I have never brought a reborn out in public before and OH MY WORD. I was not prepared for the amount of attention I brought myself!!

I took him out of my bag and put him in a bin and he promptly got flagged. I was stuck way back in line though. So I spied on the tsa agents while they all picked him up out of the bin and rocked him :joy:

When I got up there they did a quick swab on his clothes and that was that! But as soon as they handed him to me I got swarmed!! It’s a good thing I was early for my flight.

First people were concerned why my baby was being swabbed in a bin by TSA. And while I was showing them that he was a doll some other ladies came up and commented how adorable and tiny he was and already traveling :sweat_smile: so I had to break it to them that he wasn’t real. More and more people kept coming over to take a look and he got passed around quite a bit. I was so glad I threw a stack of business cards in my bag! Many people asked for contact information.

Im a shy person so I was sooo out of my comfort zone! But I got a great response so I had a fun time.


Isn’t it fun? You may get some orders from this. I take mine out for marketing. My advice-don’t ever take a reborn out with you when you’re in a hurry.


I’m just so shy and don’t want people to think I’m a lunatic thinking this baby is real :sweat_smile:

I only had one person, who really liked my doll, ask me why I was carrying it around. I told her it’s good marketing. I was very self conscious when I first started taking them out because I was afraid people would think I’d lost it, but I’ve gotten nothing but great response. It could even help you to become less shy. It’s hard to feel shy when people love your work and think you’re amazing.


That’s true! Definitely good marketing! I handed out a stack of business cards!

Here’s my sweet little Chase, and worn out from all the attention :joy:


Aaaaw. He’s really cute.

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Glad things went well for you, he is beautiful!

Sounds like it has all gone great!!! :slight_smile: So happy for you.