Bright pink baby

Customer wants a really pink new looking baby with a head of hair like a thick haired 3 year old …
I just know this skin wil look so fake and with the hair. worse
Thing is she asked this before on the skin of the last one i did for her and i made it just very rosey cheeks and face and im embarrassed at that when she shows it online to others and says i did it since the picture she shows around looks ever more red than it is and aweful to me .i feel its not representing what i can do or helping although she thinks her doll looks GREAT and is trying to be helpful.! .Now she wants a lobster baby as far as im concerned. or how im picturing it will come out.
.Anyone else do a really pink pink newborn or something you feel didnt look realistic and youd rather not claim as done by you?
Shell be taking it all over my county as shes local and she never leaves her dolls at home so with the hair too she may love it but unless you are a real pro at this im just not sure i can pull it off to look real. any suggestions?The pic she sent me.


Before you begin you may wanna do a consultation. Exchange pics and ideas. And I’d definitely require a deposit. As for the lobster baby… I’d ask what tones and shades she’s invisioning… ask for sample tones skin hair nails etc. And if you’re uncomfortable don’t proceed.

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I did get a deposit.Have pictures I guess im not as worried about if shell love it as her showing it around as to me its no great advertisement of what i can do
I know she wants the hair thick because her last broke off or wore off in back from use.
As i say she treats these dolls like a real baby handling them every waking hour as she doesnt work and to her are more real than doll… walking them in walker riding in car seats all over.
The hair broke and some wore off all in back .Now im adding new for free but i think it really just over wear although since broken could be the hair i used .I guess but was from a well liked supplier on BB forum and quality hair so id be suprisdd if it was the hair
I have explained more than once its real hair so can break wear off with vibration etc. maybe try a hat at times .So far even that said she just asks is it her conditioner? Here is the hair she wants

Yes even the high dollar hair will break if handled a lot. It sounds like she loves her babies. It could be a great way to get your name out there. Good luck :slight_smile:

You can achieve that pink tone with thin layers of crimson but isn’t going to have dimensions without mottling and details . IMO

Ahhh! She wants a brand new baby. I would try on a test limb first but I’m thinking the thin layers of a red/pink as andik suggested. I would also think a thin wash of blue or purple as that would add dimension or translucency to the skin and some mottling maybe slightly lighter or darker than your red/pink washes. A faint mottling of vein blue (as one of your first layers) will give the appearance of blood flow under the skin. Also if you look closely, you will notice new babies nail tips are more yellowish than our premixed nail tip colors.

*notice I am saying “think” a lot. But I really THINK I’m on the right track :slight_smile: Wish I had time right now to test out my theory.


I would not do that order if you do not want to do it. Definitely. Because I hear what you’re saying and it sounds like it may not translate to the doll the way she has in mind.

I love more colorful pinkish newborn looks. These are of me and my kids/niece/nephew and grandbaby just posting to show different versions of caucasian skin tones.


Me too, @AmandasBabies. I really do want to try to paint one. Maybe I will next weekend on my PW retreat.

*FYI: PW (pastor’s wife) retreat = weekend I go to the mountain cabin by myself and paint all weekend while our teenagers are at a PK retreat.

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All 4 of my babies had a head full of hair when they were born. I do to so I guess they got that thick hair from me. I guess that’s why I’m such a heavy handed rooter.

I know they can have a lot and my kids as well although you could see scalp slightly inbetween.
And yes red…forreal babies fine but " if done well" says it all.!!.
If not done well ill end up with a bright pink baby.I guess im just worried it wont be up to how i like them to look but i havent tried yet

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Yes many have hair.My grand son born 10 days ago .
Pic is him 5 hours old has a head of hair but not like the pic she sent me but a few do…

Googled babies many times i know skin can be all colors new.

Thanks for all the pics too i can refer back and thank you lolli for the tips ill do those .

Kati i really cant not do this doll…
She doesnt have credit cards or check account and some other things that says probably doesnt buy ofc the internet … pays cash so i guess im IT for her reborning and as i said shes local on most the facebook sites Im on all the time so cant take a chance of being bad mouthed some of my customers are looking at the same facebook sites yikes! .
Tricky situation! Its just has to look good enough for her and those that see this Logan even more so.

B55 she does love her babies to the point of saying "oh ill hurt her! " and like little kids with teddys or blankies freaks her to be away from them.Glad they sooth her.
Andi …thanks for the pointers too.

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I know you’re not asking for painting tips, and I’m no expert. But I accidentally made Clyde too red, and I take notes on my process- so thought I’d share! I’m new to this, and I’m sure 40 steps is excessive :joy: I used verrrry thin layers.

In case it’s at all helpful:


He’s beautiful! I love your notes. You are an artist with the mind of a researcher! What a brilliant way to document your success and avoid repeating mistakes.