Brand New Prototype Realborn® James Asleep - on eBay Now!

A new Realborn is Coming!

We are excited to announce a new Realborn®, James Asleep! His very first prototype is on eBay now! You can view this adorable little guy’s auction here:

He has been beautifully reborn by Swedolls. She did an amazing job capturing the lifelike features of the real baby! He is about 18 inches long and has full vinyl arms and legs. His cute little face is sure to be one you’ll fall in love with!

You can sign up to be notified of James Asleep’s release here: Realborn® James Sleeping (18" Reborn Doll Kit) - Bountiful Baby (DP Creations LLC).

We also have precious video footage of real baby James to share with you. You can see the real baby video here: Realborn® James - Precious Real Baby Footage - YouTube

Have a great weekend!

Bountiful Baby


He is so precious, looks like a baby who is just starting to wake up, he makes you want to scoop him up and hold him❤️


Is he related to aria by chance? I’m seeing a bit of a resemblance

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Perfect observation! I couldn’t decide whom he reminds so much. You solved it for me, even if they are not related :wink:


That picture reminds me so much of Max by Cindy Musgrove! Since Max is a super tiny preemie, maybe James could be an older version…


Oh yes I do see Max too!

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Aw I see the aria resemblance too. I thought he looked a bit like Leif and Aspen as well! It’s so cool when they do siblings :slight_smile:


If only they would respond and let us know lol. It seems so secretive like they want us to keep guessing :heart_eyes: make our own relations