Bragging Again but I can't help it!

Sorry, folks, but I helped make the most beautiful baby in the world. My contribution was a whole 29 years ago but hey, I just keep on giving…well, I will if my children would just cooperate and give me more grandbabies!

Here is Catherine at 25 months old!

What a pretty little girl! Too bad they have to grow up


DJ, she is just gorgeous and you are welcome to brag and share anytime. Her eyes are the most amazing color!

Gorgeous, gorgeous girl. Too bad someone can’t use her as a model for a toddler kit! I’d buy it in a heartbeat.

Such a beauty! I agree – we DO need a Catherine toddler kit! Who do we see about that???

She is a natural beauty! I love her eyes and you’re right, it would be fabulous to have a toddler that looked like this little girl! Congratulations Grandmom!

Wow!! She is stunningly gorgeous!!!

She is just lovely. What a winsome little picture.

Thanks everyone for your love and your comments. I know that I am prejudiced but wow, that photo knocked me over. Dying to go see her in June. I’d go sooner but poor hubby wouldn’t know what to do.

She is stunning. You have every reason to be very proud!

She is gorgeous; bet she will be a real heartbreaker

Yup, she takes your breath away! You’re not being prejudiced, she’s a realy beauty!

She is breathtakingly beautiful! You have every right to brag!

DJ, This baby has been beautiful her entire life…and I can’t wait to see her as she gets older. And I agree…she should be modeling!