Boy or girl? - Summer Rain

My summer rain is pretty much finished but I’m thinking “she” is a “he”. What do you think?


Im seeing girl😊, but both are cute!

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Definitely girl to me .

I love her as a girl, she’s beautiful!

Seriously, I think it looks great as a boy or a girl!!

Looks great either way.

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Girl and very lovely!

Looks like it could go either way to me. Top definitely looks like a boy to me and the bottom I see a girl also.

Boy!! But I like boys better…Maybe a gender neutral baby?
Where will this one be for adoption?

Oh my goodness, so sweet! Truly can go either way but I prefer girl :heart:


I see girl!

Either way!

That’s definitely a big compliment. But it’s also a big curse. I don’t know what I want! :joy:


Either is great

I’m unsure if he/she will be up for adoption yet. I think I’ll keep them for a while

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It could definitely go either way. The boy picture grabs me the most, but it might be because the green goes so well with his skin tones.

Either! I love both, Summer Rain is my favorite BB kit :slight_smile:

Darling either way!

Could easily be either but I see boy this time

This one makes a great boy or girl. I’m leaning towards boy though because I haven’t seen SR as a boy. :slight_smile:

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