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Finally, a like button! I’ve been waiting for that!!


I have a feeling the major benefactor of this change is the business consultant who was probably paid large amounts of money to “help” improve things. Offices everywhere are becoming less customer/patient friendly because companies make changes based on suggestions by pricey consultants who are well versed in theory and not real life experience. The company usually doesn’t benefit as much as expected but makes the changes to justify the expense. The customer/patient who should (in my opinion) be a primary concern is usually the one who gains the least.
I will try to deal with the change because I appreciate BB’s products and service. However, I still think it’s an awkward process with lots of things that need to be worked out before it’s very user-friendly.
Maybe they will have some awesome sales in an effort to distract us!


Those of you who are asking for things to go back to the way they were or for BB to run a poll might want to consider that there are probably reasons why we were not asked about the change in the first place. It is obvious that BB feels this change best suites their needs from the management side of it. As the saying goes, you can’t please everyone all the time. While this new format does not appear to be obviously simple at first go it really isn’t that bad if you take some time to play around with it.

Emily, is there any type of forum tutorial that you can post some place for a one stop reference to people?


Exactly, Angie.

I found this makes it easier for me. Save this link in your favorites as your “home page” for the BB forum. It will take you to the categories list page. Categories - Bountiful Baby Customer Forum

At the top of that page you should see
All Categories Latest New Unread Starred Top Categories

You can click on one of these to see the posts in each category. I usually click the New and/or Unread to see posts that are new to me or unread by me.

You will also see below that a list of all the forum categories and 3 of the most recent replied to threads in each category. You can click on one of those if you prefer.

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Thank you! Also, I noticed there is an estimated end date on the sales as others have suggested. Thank you for being so receptive to new ideas!

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If a tutorial is needed to use this forum then that says it all. I don’t know of another doll forum where that is needed. Is this a computer class or is this a doll forum?

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If I could double heart this post, I would. That was funny. Really, I hate to give away my age, so I won’t, but this badge thing makes me feel like I am in elementary school. And, the various colored building blocks, well.

If you go to this page and to “unread” and then go to the far right where it says “activity” and click the little “v” until it gives the latest post at the top. As you read them they go away from the list of “latest” and you can read the next one. I still dislike the format tremendously and sure don’t post as much as preciously and I doubt that will change.

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We have created a Topic thread that is called ‘Forum Help’ that people can reference.

This link is also a link in the menu at the very top of the page titled ‘Forum Help’.

gotta be honest, I am getting a headache trying to navigate tonight. How does one do a search on this forum using a key word to find topics about what you are looking for?

Yes, I miss all the pictures of the different babies. And It really gave you a personal feel for who everyone was. You know, sometimes a name is just a name if you don’t have a visual. It’s kind of like reading a math book. You just don’t have that fuzzy feeling going on, if you know what I mean.

I think if you use that little “spy glass” up in the right hand corner next to the “quotes” symbol you can search that way.

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Yes, the spy glass in the top right hand corner where your avatar is…you can search by keywords.

You can upload a photo to be your avatar, also a background photo for personalization. You may also upload images in your profile preferences that will appear withing the background image under your name.

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Well Duh! Now why couldn’t I figure that out! Thanks!

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I loved your initial post about this. When you posted what they had shortened your name to it made me laugh so hard I almost choked! In the midst of all the confusion with the new forum it was so funny to see someone with a sense of humor graciously asking BB for help after they had inadvertently called her a name! You made my day!

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I do not particularly like this layout either, I was used to the old one, and found it easy to get around. But I am somehow puzzled why would somebody join just to criticise. There are always bugs when site like this is changed, they can be only iron out once the site is launched. By the way posting photos is much easier than before - just click on the photo icon in the posting function bar

Ludmila If you are referring to me re joining to complain, I didn’t do that at all. I’ve been on this forum for a couple of years but just hadn’t posted much. I appreciate everything I’ve learned about reborning and the people contributing to this forum and would not have bothered joining if my intention was anything but simply wanting to be a part of the reborning community! Won’t deny I’ve been as frustrated as everyone else with the recent changes, but that’s not something I can’t deal with. I certainly didn’t mean to offend, perhaps I need to be more gracious in what I post!

Sorry, your ID says that you joined week ago, but I realised that we all supposedly joined when this new board was launched :slight_smile: