Bountiful Baby's New Forum: Post any questions, recommendation, ideas or thoughts here

Hi Everyone,

I know there are some of you that are not satisfied with our new forum. Change can be very difficult and extremely frustrating. Although there are several changes that need getting used to, the benefits of this new forum are very high.

The changes that were made, were made to improve several factors, including things on the users side as well as things on Bountiful Baby’s side.

I apologize for not much notice on the forum changing.

I will personally answer any questions, help people get around, recommend things to Nevin, look into anyone’s ideas and ensure that everyone feels comfortable around this new forum. :smile:

Learning is slow but so far, I’ve changed my avatar which I hadn’t done on the old site since I had a signature photo and figured out how to hide the preview. Now to catch up on the missed 2 weeks of important news/gossip/births!

I know I’m the minority here, but I love the new format! It is so much easier to use (and see) on my smart phone. I hope everyone else adjusts to the change because I think they’ll love it once they get used to it. Also, thank you Bb for being here to answer questions! :slight_smile:

To “Quote” - Highlight over the text you wish to quote, A ‘"quote reply’ button will appear.

Is there a quick link back to bountiful baby’s store? I often view the gallery for quick reference when posts are about certain babies I’m not familiar with.

If you are not signed in you can look at the very top of the screen. Click Home and it will take you to the store’s home page. There are other options up there too. However, once you sign it that all goes away. Seems like it could stay there for us members too?

I agree, I understand this will be a little frustrating at first! I have forwarded this onto Nevin. Thank you!

Avatars have been fixed. At the top right corner, click on your avatar and go to preferences. There you can change your ‘Gravatar’ to a custom ‘Avatar’ where you can upload an image.

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There is not currently an option to have a siggy, but, you can upload an image in the ‘About Me’ section under ‘Preferences’ that will show up on your profile. I will see what I can do to get a signature photo on there. Thank you to everyone that is giving this new forum format a try! Once you get used to it, you will find there are many new benefits!

Well I just now figured out how to make and upload my own Gravatar but I might go change that now. I didn’t much care for the idea of having to sign into that Gravatar site and have something tied to my email address.

Under the Preferences, you may also add a profile background image. (Look at my profile for example) :slight_smile:

Yep, I figured that out right before you said this. I got a background now too!

Well it looks like you got the links at the top of the page that will take us back to the store now. I am seeing them.

Okay, I figured out how to see everything at a glance sort of the way I could on the other board. If you click the 3 line bars at the top right corner then click the Categories word it takes you to a page where you can see all the forum sections and I think the last 3 topics posted in each section. This is taking some playing around to get used to but I think I am going to survive it. LOL!

Well, I guess you’ve got to change with the times.

It’s kind of awkward. I don’t understand these colored
blocks.The different colors supposed to stand for

I guess if I can get used to ebay’s jerking around of
the forums format I can get used to this.


The colored blocks with letter inside are called ‘Gravatars’. You can create or refresh your Gravatar, but a default Gravatar is a letter block that is automatically generated usually based on your username, thus yours being a C for Cathy :smile: But go into your preferences and you have the option of switching to an Avatar rather then a Gravatar where you can upload a custom image. :smile:

That’s true for Firefox version 30.0. However, for Chrome (version 35) and Safari (version 7.0.4), the menus stay there and do not go away.

In other words, it depends on the browser.

Not sure why it is different for Firefox. Also not sure about yet other browsers. If you are aware of other browsers where it goes away, I’d like to know.

Nevin Pratt
CEO, Bountiful Baby

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This is all getting a little easier the more you play around this forum. I am getting to like it. :smile:

I had this problem at first. Try re-uploading the image.

Highlight the text you would like to quote. A ‘"quote reply’ button will come up where you highlighted.