Bountiful Baby - Three Prototypes Available on eBay Now!

There are three Bountiful Baby Prototypes that are currently available on eBay, Realborn® Kase Asleep-- prototype by Jacqueline Kramer, Celeste by Cindy Musgrove-- prototype by Samantha Harker and Realborn® Kase Awake-- prototype by Silvia Ezquerra. Thanks Everyone!

All three auctions are featured on our website at

Thank you.
Emily, Bountiful Baby

We also got a WIP Sneak Peak of our newest Realborn® Prototype - Thomas, by Jacqueline Kramer, sent to us. Thank you Jacqueline!!


Kase Asleep is my favorite of these!

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Oh my goodness!!! I am in love with Kase awake. Hes beautiful!!!

hard question… i wanted Kase asleep …but now I see Kase awake …oh oh !!!

Love Kase Awake and Celeste. Can’t wait till they are out.

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I want them all.

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All boys … Yes, I would like almost all of them.

Save up for girls too.

I want them all I just noticed they had Presley awake an asleep back in stock thought they was limited or will bb always have them now I went nuts trying to make sure I had the money for them when they first came out thought it was limited edition so when will Asher awake or Kase be released soon I’m hoping after Xmas

I didn’t see Celeste she is so freakin precious well they all are but I love her little mouth to cute I don’t know why I love closed eye babies I start my vacation next week 15 days gonna finally start my Asher an Presley asleep an I’m gonna ask Santa to bring me another Asher asleep for Xmas :blush::blush::blush: asher is my favorite so far!! I’m so slow at reborning lol

BB restocked the Presley because from 1500 pc around 200 or less they didn’t meet the quality control requirements . They replaced dose once. It is LE for a year or so and it may happen they are going to restock in 2016 or later . Enjoy your time creating dose precious baby’s .


@EmilyBB , will Celeste be released as a realborn or regular BB kit?

Celeste will be released as a reborn and not a Realborn. A Realborn® is a photometric scan of a real living baby, and Celeste was not scanned from a real baby.

Hope this helps!

Thanks Everyone!
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Bountiful Baby

@EmilyBB Thank you for the info. Can’t wait till she is released. :christmas_tree:

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