Bountiful Baby Stress Test - A LOT OF KITS & BODIES ON SALE!

Hi Everyone.

We had to do some Website Infrastructure upgrades over the weekend. To test how much stress our website can handle with the new infrastructure upgrade, Nevin has put MANY kits ON SALE! More kits then we’ve ever had on sale at a time in our Special Deals!!!

This is a ‘Stress-Test’ Sale and it will only last for TODAY(Wednesday Nov. 5th 2014).

Thanks Everyone!

Media Manager
Bountiful Baby

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Stress test for who? I think it’s a stress test for buyers to see if they can resist buying…LOL.

It is to test what the website can handle with our Website infrastructure upgrade. :smile:

…and stressing the patience of hubbies :wink: Now I have to go look!


Aubrey Pratt is on sale for $14.98 and she has the BEST limbs ever. I love them with Shyann’s head.


Pia, I have two Aubreys on the way! I thought she looked familiar…ordered yesterday. :smile:

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