Bountiful Baby Shipments and Orders Delayed May 8th 2018

Hi Everyone,

There was an incident at the building next door that took out a powerline and the internet. The road in front of our warehouse has been blocked and there are several buildings in the area that have power and/or internet outages.

The mail truck was not able to get to our building to pick up today’s shipments. The internet in our building is currently down, which means we are not able to process any more orders until it’s back up. We are hoping that we will be able to ship tomorrow, but expect delays in shipments this week.

Our website still works and you can still place orders, however some of the “Additional Information/Photo” pages are down.

Thanks so much for your understanding!

Bountiful Baby


Thanks so much for letting us know-you’re the best!!

Holy cow! I hope nobody was hurt.

The power company brought several trucks on the scene. One of those trucks is functioning as a temporary replacement for the broken power pole, and is holding up the top three power lines on special insulators. It is my guess that those three lines are still hot, but I don’t know.

They have a nylon rope connected from the top lines to the other lines, suspending the other lines in the air that way.

They have disconnected everything from the broken power pole, and pulled the broken power pole out, and have planted a new power pole. But nothing is hooked to the new power pole yet.

This took them 5 or 6 hours. And my guess is that they are about half done.

But, I don’t think the power company is going to worry about the internet lines (not their job, I guess). There is a trouble ticket that has been created with the internet company (Integra), but Integra cannot do anything until after the power company finishes their job. Which probably means they will work on their part tomorrow (Wednesday).

So, my guess is that everything will be fully restored around noon Wednesday.

This disruption does not effect our website (because we moved it to a new platform a couple months ago)-- other than the “Additional Information” links for the products won’t work. But otherwise the website is not effected.

It also does not effect our email.

And it also does not effect our forum.

But it does effect our ability to ship, because they wouldn’t even let the mail truck into our parking lot. It would normally effect our ability to print the orders for fulfillment, but we plan on using our cell phones as internet hotspots for that tomorrow-- if the internet doesn’t otherwise work in the building.

I’m pretty confident we will be able to ship tomorrow (Wednesday). But as EmilyBB mentioned in her initial post, it might put us a little behind.

Nevin Pratt, CEO
Bountiful Baby

P.S. Nobody was hurt. The building next to ours is “Hertz Equipment Rental”, and somebody tried to drive a piece of equipment that was too tall under the power lines. I’m guessing there’s an embarrassed driver now, but otherwise nobody was injured.


The pole is replaced and power is back on. But internet is still down. We are using our cell phones as “hot spots” to connect to the internet, but it is slow and painful.

Everything was restored as of about 7:00 PM MST on Wednesday evening. We are good to go!