Bountiful Baby Sales?

When are the BB baby sales coming back? I miss getting caught up in all that!


Haha right? I think they’re trying to get things released and then will be back into sales? I don’t know. This weekend is MLK Day so it may be why there are no sales–everyone has the weekend plus that day off.

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I know right! I need a sale to re-stash. My goal is no more than 12-15 kits in my stash. I’m kind of low right now.


Count me in as another who misses the sales.

Me too! :frowning:

I got my Ginger seconds last night. Woohoo!

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They have four kits on sale today; Amber, Holly, Gracie and Jake if anyone’s interested ? These are not my picks but I guess this is the start of sales to come.

They said before Christmas they would be cutting back on sales. Guess they weren’t kidding. I’ve still got a bunch of kits for sale if you have any you are looking for?

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Logan is on sale.

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lol go get them while they last !

Did you get a job?? Where are you working?? That’s awesome.

Yey kits back on sale again :smiley:
Salary finally cleared just hoping Megan or Faith or some of the smaller kits come up before they stop the sales again

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