Bountiful Baby release of New Juliet!

Hi Everyone!

We are releasing our new version of Juliet, by Marissa May! Click the link below and scroll all the way to the bottom of the page to see comparison photos of the old Juliet with the new Juliet!

Thank everyone!
Bountiful Baby


Finally shes back!!! Shes sooooooooo cute!

That is a huge change. I liked the older one better. Will the “new” head dimensions be updated? Hard to know what we are getting at this point. The new Caleb head is way smaller than the one in the photos and I know of one person who’s custom was refused because of it. Cozy is not as nice as he was - Lulu had a off sized eye - not sure who the other “remakes” are or how they compare, but I am wondering what the reason is for the changes in the kits.?


I agree Pia. The detail seems to be lost on this new doll.


I ordered one and I will have to see if I like the changes. The head already looks thinner and not as cute as the old. It also looks smaller. I have been waiting so long for this one to come back I will take the chance,

I also like the older one better. Another one to cross off my want list.

I never had a chance to order the old one, but have gotten the new one. There is a marked difference in the comparison pictures. I hope I like her.

I like the arms better on this version because they do not look so much like the baby is boxing but I like the older face much better.


They look like two different dolls to me. I like them both.