Bountiful Baby Realborn Renditions®! - Prototypes on eBay NOW!

Realborn Renditions® are created from the artistically altered scans of real babies, edited by our master artist, Denise Pratt.

Our Realborn Renditions® come with certificates with Denise Pratt’s signature. This certificate has a place for you to sign your own artist/nursery name and write birth details about your baby (weight, length, etc).

These two Realborn Renditions® are Sleeping Fairy Clover and Awake Fairy Jasper. Both Prototypes are by Evon Nather.

Realborn Rendition® Awake Fairy Jasper

Realborn Rendition® Sleeping Fairy Clover

Thanks Everyone!
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Bountiful Baby


aaaaaaawwwwwwweeee these are awesome

Love their ears! I especially like the sleeping one!

They are absolutely adorable.

I would love one of the but don’t think I could do it justice yet on day :wink::wink:

I absolutely love them both! The eyes on Jasper do not look like normal ones we’re used to, I wonder if they are special made. Or maybe it’s just because the eye is so large. Can’t wait for them to come out!

I absolutely love clover :slight_smile: I never did a fairy yet. When will they be released? I assume it will be after Clyde. Very excited can’t wait for clover. Reminds me of my niece when she was born. She had these pointed ears lol she still kinda does lol