Bountiful Baby Realborn® KASE ASLEEP WINNERS!

Thank you for participating in our Realborn® Drawing!! Congratulations!!!
You will receive a PM via the Social Network your name was drawn from.



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Bountiful Baby


congrats to the winners. Thanks BB for giving us a chance to win

Well - it wasn’t me again :slight_smile: but congratulations to you lucky people.

Sad I didn’t win but happy the 3 did!!! Big question to @bbsupport when can we purchase this little guy?


Congrats to the winners. Wish it had been me though…lol.

Congratulations to the winners. Looking forward to Kase release.

Congratulations to the three winners—wish it was me!!!

Congratulations, ladies!

Congratulations Liz @Licy - the winner from the BB forum. I was really hoping to win this kit since I am on a buying hiatus until I get through a bunch of kits. I may have to break down and order one though since this is my favorite of the RealBorns so far.

Thanks!!! I am really happy for this oportunity!!! I can’t believe I won!!! Thanks for this beautiful baby!!!


**way to go winners i 'm next **

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I’m just glad that BB is doing these contests and that someone’s Christmas is brighter because of it. I hope that the winners have fun reborning these babies and enjoy them and show us photos. Even if they sell the kits to do something else, I am looking forward to seeing what they chose to do. Doesn’t take much to get me excited! Face it, I’m not here to win a contest, I’m here for the gossipping we do and the photos and the friendships I’ve made. That is how BB has made me a winner. Worth way more to me than any kit!