Bountiful Baby Realborn Give-A-Way Entry!'

I just started purchasing and now making reborn dolls. And I find I’m hooked, yesterday I purchased baby clothes for my reborns I’m making. And today I purchased micro preemie clothes for a new reborn I’ll be making.

Ok I think I entered in this contest god I hope so I’m new to reborning I love bb kits An would love to have a realborn baby the ones on eBay are amazing I’m hoping I become that good some day so I never win anything but hey it’s worth a shot good luck everyone :slight_smile:

I would love to win the kits as I am disabled and in pain 24/7. I have never created a real born baby before and this would keep my mind occupied to forget about the pain.Besides I have empty nest syndrome, lol.

I am posting everywhere I can in hopes of winning any one of the Realborn babies. It would certainly be a blessing to have. I am now committed with passion at reborning full time as my career and it would certainly help me out as a boost. Thank you Bountiful Baby for offering everyone a chance at winning one. Fingers crossed that I am one of the lucky few. I so need this!

Would love to win! Love the new realborn kits!

WOW—why would I Love to win a Bountiful Realborn Baby…’ Let me count the ways’…I fell in Love with the Realborn Babies and the technique the minute I first received your first introduction to them. There is nothing more precious than a baby and yours I have found to be the best replicas. This technique I would expect to make them even better. I am going on 70 years old and I am on a limited fixed income, so winning the Realborn Babies would provide me the opportunity to have one or all three babies. Presley Awake looks so much like my son when he was a baby 48 years ago- I would like to make that one for myself. Presley Asleep I plan to Reborn and donate to the Domestic Violence Center of Chester County for their Silent Auction to help them raise money. Asher Asleep I would feature on my Reborn Doll website, where I sell my reborn babies at a affordable price, so that those of limited income can also know the love of a Realborn Baby. If I only win one it would be donated to the Silent Auction. I would Love to have the First three kits of the First edition of the First Realborns ever produced.

‘Bountiful Baby Realborn Give-A-Way Entry! I would love to be entered into the drawing for one of your fabulous babies they are truely inspiring and make me want to better my craft everytime I am on your website. Thank you guys so much!! So yes please enter me as I am in love with your newest prototypes and would be honored to be one of the lucky ladies or gents that gets to bring these adored babies life. Thank you BB your site,forum and staff are wonderful!

I started making reborns as an outlet for my grief, it is bringing me great comfort I just love these Realborns! They are simply breathtaking and would be honored to have one!

These babies are beautiful. I would love to have my grand baby that will be here in January scanned and a doll made. I hope I am a winner.

I would love to win one of these beautiful babies!! I can’t get over how real they look…Thanks for having this giveaway!!

Very excited about the chance to win this baby. I would love to win. Thank you so much.

Hi, would love to win a new babie.

I would love a chance t win one of your Realborn kits- thank you, Kristi

I would love to bring to life any of the three sculpts, they are a magnificent creation since the One and Only was the designer of the original smile So precious and I’m sure I’ll pick up all three when available, but winning would be so grand!! It would be the icing on the cake no doubt! Here’s congratulations to whoever the winners may be, and a thank you to Nevin and Denise for the generous gifts smile

I would love to win this contest and challenge my skills to make one of these very detailed adorable babies. I will only enter on this one site as we don’t facebook nor do Utube. Thank you for your generosity.
Joy Franklin

i started doing reborns and sold every one i made I even done a special order for a lady whos baby was born sleeping thanks bountiful baby.

Hello my name is Nina and I would love to win one of these beautiful kits because there is nothing more enjoyable than making a beautiful detailed kit and watch it come to life, I’m excited that BB is always coming up with more creative and inspiring artist to make life like dolls, thank you!

I have been enjoying BB products for several years now and these new realborns are exciting, the detail ,so perfect. I would be thrilled to have any of these beautiful works of art to bring to lifelike. thank you for the opportunity to get in on this event.

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