Bountiful Baby order info WRONG

Ladies please read over your shipping info etc.

Mine showed up with NONE of my own info! I know the person whose info it was and have notified her. I also emailed BB and tried to call but got no answer.

I deleted all fields on the form and reentered my info, double checked the shipping address etc.


(I did screen shot the page to prove it, but will not share on here due to it not being my info. I did attach the picture in the email to BB though)


This is seriously scary!!!


@bbsupport I have just been told that now my info is coming up!

@bbsupport, we need your attention, ASAP!

I have went and logged out on the home screen now… maybe that will stop my info from being posted???

Oh lord I hate this is happening but sure hope it just started. I placed my order this past weekend and would hate to know my info was used for someone else.

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On the phone they said to go ahead and clear our cookies and our cache. And that one of their tech guys is looking into it and such. I asked them to have a bb support member come on and let others know what to do.

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Oh no!!! Scary!! I hope everything works out!!

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I see know it is asking for me to sign in with my email and then shows the correct information.

I hope that was fixed on @bbsupport 's end and not just on mine.

I cleared my cache, cookies, and my saved fill-in data.

Which caused me to have to re- login to every site I have a password on… but hopefully it fixed it.