Bountiful Baby Newsletters

If you are not already aware, Bountiful Baby has started a short newsletter that you might be interested in. There have been three so far, and each have been written by myself (Nevin Pratt, CEO). Links to each of those first three (from newest to oldest), and brief descriptions of each, are as follows:

**ISSUE #3:

Felting Needles and Compact Cars-- Separating Myth from Reality!**

This issue deals extensively with the topic of felting needles for rooting and the types of felting needles, and the topic of Truth In Advertising for felting needles.

**ISSUE #2:

Limited Edition Kits vs. Open Edition Kits**

This issue talks a little about Limited Edition vs. Open Edition. It also introduces our real-life grandbaby “Crystal”, and the kit we are soon releasing of her. We also started a kit sale with this issue ($19.93 average kit price at the time of the newsletter).

**ISSUE #1:

Dress Up Sets**

We show more “grown up” pictures of our daughter “Eliza”, for whom we have produced two kits for already (at 2 weeks old, and 6 weeks old). See “Eliza” now, at 3 years old, modeling a new line of Dress Up Sets. Our daughter “Olivia”, and our granddaughters “Aubrey”, “Crystal”, and “Kimber” are also modeling.

The newsletter is emailed to those who opt in for it. If you are not already on our list, the “opt in” can be found during checkout at our website. You do not need to complete checkout to opt in, but you need to begin it. Then, when you reach the BILL TO / SHIP TO page, you will see the following:

You would need to (1) make sure your information has been saved by clicking the button “Save My BILL TO and SHIP TO Information”, and then (2) make sure the check box is checked, and then (3) click “Continue With Checkout…”. However, you can end the checkout process right after that, if you wish, and you will still be on our mailing list without checking out.

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