Bountiful Baby New/Old Vinyl List

Hi everyone :slight_smile: I compiled a list all in one place of the bountiful baby realborn kits with the different types of vinyl. I saw a post about the new/old vinyl kits but I like 1. lists 2. google docs and 3. seeing everything in one place. I put all the older realborns on there just in case someone who is new/doesn’t understand when the change happened wants to check. I also put two pictures of two sets of legs with how to tell the difference.

If it doesn’t let you see, please let me know!! I also don’t know if it will be helpful for anyone but I thought I’d share anyways.


With any luck, once all the rock-head kits are sold, bb will revert to selling us only the soft creamy vinyl we all love so much!

Regardless, your list could definitely help anybody considering a secondhand purchase of select kits in the future though. Thank you!

Edit: I’ve just had a look at the doc. It opened just fine and looks great, by the way. I will say that reading the text on the green background was fine, but on the darker colors (particularly red) it was very difficult to see the black text.


Thank you for the effort @dovebb, great document! However I agree, all highlighted in dark red is difficult to read. Not impossible, just difficult :wink:


Thank you two!! I was thinking about that but guess I wasn’t thinking enough lol. Will change it


Tessa asleep is soft but stinks!


Oh great. Awaiting mine. Good stink or bad stink :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I have a kit that smells like vanilla…too strong. Gave me a headache.


Bad stink to me. BUT I have an over active sniffer :wink:

It is in the category of new rubber hose or tire… and that makes me sick and gives me a headache. I have her airing out now… I unwrapped her kit parts from the small bags and left her bag open once I out the parts back in.

She also has a dot on one of her fingers that looks in the vinyl. If it doesnt darken with baking it will be okay to hide though.


It’s 10,000% easier to read now. Thanks!

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Does anyone know if Claudia is the hard vinyl?

Sandy kit of the year my friend brought too one for me and her she’s hard vinyl