Bountiful Baby - Naomi (LE), by Denise Pratt & Realborn® Summer Rain Prototypes on eBay Now!


There are two prototypes available on eBay Now! Limited Edition Naomi, by Denise Pratt, prototype by Silvia Ezquerra. And our latest Realborn®, Summer Rain, Prototype by Helen Jalland.

Thank you!
Bountiful Baby<img


I really love these two. Can’t wait till they come out.

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I Love Summer Rain, when will she be out and is she a LE? Preorder when?

I absolutely love this one of Naomi, does anyone else think she looks like what Denise Pratt might have looked like as a baby. I don’t know what she looked like but I think this could be her. Call me crazy, most have lol. :heart:️:heart:️:heart:️ This version

Naomi is beautiful. I’d love to get my hands on her. Denise has out done herself.

When will pictures of the blanks be added to the gallery? -_-

I am also wondering when these wonderful new LE kits will be available~will you create a new category for them or will they be considered ‘Real Borns’? Do you know what the prices will be yet?

I REALLY love Naomi

I really loved Naomi as a rehead better than the darker hair. The red was so disheveld looking, cute as a button such a happy baby. I want this one, maybe xmas present?

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