Bountiful Baby introduces the WORLD'S FIRST Realborn PROTOTYPE! - Presley Alseep!

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A Realborn® is a Real Baby Replica, created directly from computer photometric scans of a precious real newborn baby. The beauty, innocence and soul of the newborn child is captured like never before in these stunning, heaven sent creations-- the most beautiful and perfect canvas ever offered to the reborn world!

The real baby that Presley was created from, is the baby of one of Bountiful Baby’s employees!

Virtually every sweet baby fold, wrinkle and crease of the head, ears, eyes, nose, fingers, feet, and toes are captured with this technology. Then small details are carefully checked to assure the detail will transfer over beautifully into the vinyl. Then a 3D prototype print is created using one of the highest resolution 3D printers on the market today. From the 3d prototype print, the molds for the most perfect reborn artists’ canvas (the Realborn® vinyl doll parts) are created.


Has a bid already! LOVE this little one!

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This is an amazing baby! Talented artist, but I do love the kit. Thanks @EmilyBB for posting the prototype. Are there other artists doing the kit too?

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Yes, We have other prototype artist doing this kit. :smile:

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