Bountiful Baby Boutique - What's Going On? An Update

Hi Everyone!

As most of you know, we began a “Boutique Liquidation” a few months ago. We began the liquidation with almost 1000 distinct item numbers, and about 48,000 different items. This also represented almost $500,000 worth of Boutique items at our “old” normal Boutique retail prices. At this time (9/21/15), we now have 243 Boutique item numbers, and about 14,000 different items remaining.

There are some Boutique items that we will not be liquidating-- they are primarily the Will Beth line, as well as Genuine Hospital products (hospital blankets, hospital hats, etc.). And there will be a handful of additional items that won’t be liquidated. Of the 14,000 or so remaining items, probably about 4,000 of them won’t be liquidated. But all of the rest will go-- almost all of the original $500,000 worth of Boutique products.

All of our remaining Boutique items that are targeted for liquidation are priced significantly below normal. You can see all of those items here:

Bountiful Baby

I am very confident that you will not find lower Boutique prices anywhere right now-- even if you ignore our “Special Deals” area. .

In addition, we will keep a handful of Boutique items in our “Special Deals” area SIGNIFICANTLY below cost. Those items will vary. You can find those items at any time here:

Bountiful Baby

And yes, ALL of them are priced, at this time, WAY below cost!

But that’s only because we are liquidating. And of course, this won’t last forever.

Nevin Pratt
CEO, Bountiful Baby

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