Bountiful Baby bodies

I have a lot of 8 BB bodies in varying sizes in the for sale/wanted category if anyone’s interested.

Jean, Sorry I did not respond to your PMs! I only figured out today how that works here. Lots to learn.

Do you want still want them? If so, I’ll send you another Paypal invoice. I canceled the first one when I didn’t hear from you because I thought you had changed your mind. I’m new at much of this also. I’m good with email too.

I am confused by your change of price and the high shipping costs in the second listing.I felt $60 postpaid for the 8 bodies was reasonable but evidently you do not. It seems no one else wants them either. You need to make a price (one that I or others can accept)

@Jane1 - I looked up the original post and it was $78.00 with shipping included so the price is the same as it was originally.

"I have the following new Bountiful Baby bodies for sale:
1 23-24 inch jointed 3/4 arms, 3/4 legs. $9
3 21-22 inch (1273) jointed 3/4 arms, 3/4 legs $8
1 21-22 inch jointed (2348) 3/4 arms, 3/4 legs. $8
1 19 inch (8046) jointed 3/4 arms, 3/4 legs $7
1 21-22 inch (3228) jointed 3/4 arms full legs $9
1 26 inch (4662) jointed 3/4 arms, 3/4 legs. $9

None have zip ties.

Entire lot for $78 including shipping."

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I will go to the post office to get the smallest flat rate box that they’ll fit in to reduce the shipping cost if possible. I’ll get back to you either way. I have not changed the price. They were originally $66 + $12 shipping=$78. You must have misunderstood. It was never $60 with shipping included.


The smallest flat rate box the bodies will fit in is $12.65. I believe the price I’m asking is reasonable and I choose not to reduce it. Please let me know if you would like to purchase them or not. Thanks.

I’ve learned to live without the BB bodies. I hope you find a buyer!

No problem. I’m sure I will.

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