Bought my first Realborn! Question about hair?

Just got Brittany, she’s a beauty!

I also stocked up on anatomically correct belly plates. :tongue:

I wish hair would go on sale! I got the Auburn hair on sale this week. Any recommendations where to get hair? I have a lot of new Brazilian hair, could I use that for my dolls too? It’s 100% real hair, it’s cost me money. I never used it either. They’re thick bundles. Would rooting be different than the Mohair?


@Rainbowbabies has excellent hair.
Here’s her site.


I learned to root with 42g forked. That is all I use and have never had any problems with any kind of hair. Learning to use forked needles takes a little while for some. I love them.

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Human hair is a lot thicker than mohair or alpaca. It is normally only used for toddlers.

Ruby red brand mohair is very coarse and awful to work with.


Yearling, Delta dawn, or Slumberland mohair is pretty good

when I first started reborning I used ruby red
it’s terrible
coarse and tangles and mats easily


Angela’s premium mohair on Etsy has really good hair also. She’s a member here too @angelas817


I believe the human hair will stick up/out more. I could be wrong, but I believe that is what I have read from people who use it. That is why it is mostly only used on toddlers. They usually have longer hair and it helps it to lie down better.

Save your human hair for when you have a bigger doll to make. Kid or yearling mohair is better for newborns. It is finer and more realistic.

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I have two favorites for mohair! @Rainbowbabies Golden Fleece Boutique and I always try to snag some when @sugargliderus posts available hair on here!


I like silkeffex mohair- you can find her on facebook

Can the bb nuborn hair be softened with conditioner? Some people say they’ve had beautiful results but it is coarser than the better brands out there.

Thanks everyone!