Bought babyfx air dry paint

Decided to try something new. Got a piddly raise, sold a baby and got a wild hair. I’m going to try them and see how I do. Most if my own collection are air dry babies.


Looking great Sonja!!! Nice shading :heart_eyes:

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Congratulations :smiley: I hope you love them!!!

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I love babyfx paints… love everything but the bottles. :confused:

Asher looks great! @Sony72

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I hate those bottles too! You go to squeeze out paint and it won’t happen, so you squeeze harder and “bloop” you’ve got 3 times the amount of paint you need.


I like the ease of the bottles when they work properly, but so many times I’ve had the little circular piece on top of the lid just fall off, so then there’s the issue of drying. Secondly, the whole bottle coming apart when I’m trying to get paint… no thanks for the bloop. Lol

These are high quality paints for sure, my favorite so far, but something needs to give with these bottles. These bloops add up $$$$ because this is not cheap paint.


I can’t wait to get mine!!! I think I finally bought every little thing to not have excuses! Did anyone buy the little sprayer for the sprirltz dealer over the powders? My pan pastels get her Saturday… I am
most excited about them!!!
@sony72 do you put a bit of blending powder on your brush then a touch of the powder from its container? Or do you do this on a separate powder mixing plate?

What can we do about the crappy bottles? Can we transfer the paints to different containers?