Booth hybrid preorder now!

Booth is a cute little hybrid critter by Jamie Lynn Powers. She is only available at Enchanted Kreature Kits. Preorder started yesterday. This first edition is limited to only 107 kits and will come with surprises. The kits should be back from the factory and ready to mail out within the next month. Sarah is trying to set things up so that we don’t have a long delay between preorders and kit releases like we have in the past. From now on, all new EKK kits will only be available at Enchanted Kreature Kits and Enchanted Kreature Kits Down Under.
Now, about Booth…she is a cute little 14 inch baby with part human and part critter features. Her vinyl is super soft and easy to paint and root. Her cloth body is the same one that Tinky uses. Booth can wear Bitty Baby clothes or MiniKane/MiniLand clothes….or any 14 inch baby doll clothes. They are surprisingly easy to find. I got most of mine from Etsy. The brown dress with orange dots came from Dolls So Real. The outfits on Stork Fever’s Booth are from a set of 6 outfits for $30 from Amazon. Just go search Bitty Baby clothes on Amazon and you will see just how easy and cheap it is to get clothes for this kit. :wink:

Anyway. Go get a Booth!

And here are some pics of the prototypes :grin:


I love your version :heart:

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So cute! I love how all versions look so different.

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Thank you. :kissing_heart:

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I love the difference too. Some look sweet. Some look ornery. Some look human some look animal. :heart:


Hi Jenni Have you recieved any info on the Vamplings? I bought 2 paid for them was charged shipping which is still on the order and have had no response on that or when they will ship.


Special Edition Vamplings are already in production at the factory and will be released from the factory in later November.

This of course is an estimate and will depend on shipping delays or what not that are out of our control.

As for shipping - have you reached out to Sarah personally?

You could message the kit page also


Be still my heart!