Bonnie Brown's Tink Preorder

Preorder is open at Macpherson’s for Tink . Just wanted to give a heads up as I thought it started tomorrow.


Nonies and truborns have her also

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Bonnie lives in Australia and they are a day ahead of the US, so it is the 20th there today. I just ordered one from TruBorns, where I got my Levi from.

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pre-ordered mine from truborns. hoping there will be more available after Christmas. I really want at least two!

Silvia has posted some prototype photos on her FB page. Tink is as darling painted as expected

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Tink is adorable, thinking about it. Really want her to release Emsley as a kit though.

I preordered mine this morning as well…Ive been waiting :slight_smile:

I jumped on this too! She’s so darn cute!