Bonnie Brown kit from the Ukraine

I found a Bonnie Brown kit I have been looking for that was affordable. Yesterday I found one on Ebay. The seller is elenaryzhkova2015 and she is located in Kharkiv, KHARKOVSKAYA, Ukraine. The kit has the certificate and she has a good rating. Has anyone ever purchased a kit from anyone in the Ukraine? I want to buy it but am apprehensive.


What I notice more and more people started to reborn in Europa . What I would suggest sending her a message with what ever question about the kit and see how she will respond to you . Somethimes you may have a bad feeling …you don’t give it a try … But if she is proper in the answear you may try and you are covered by eBay and PayPal .
It is very hard and to bad there are so many wron people that we are afraid to do busyness .
It may happen the shipping will be a couple of days longer .

I did email her yesterday to verify shipping to US and she said she would check with her post office this morning which she did and then she emailed me back.

I would go through with it as long as she is keeping open communication you are always covered by pay-pal.

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Is she paying the shipping? I remember when we tried to ship a small parcel to Kazakhstan it was prohibitive. Is the Ukraine the same way?

All I know about shipping is it is $30 USD. I would be paying plus the kit price.

My dolls in the states often ship for more than $30. That’s great! Shipping a few small items to Kaz was going to cost us something like $200. and that was 13 years ago.

Is that you trying to ship from the us though? I think she is buying from someone over seas and they are shipping to her for $30. US does not have customs (as far as I know) to go through so maybe cheaper.

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No, it is shipping from there to Alabama. What i don’t understand is you can purchase this kit from Nonies for $99. The Ukraine seller is asking $150 plus shipping, others are selling on ebay for $250 and up. The kit is long sold out so how can Nonies be selling them and selling them for $99?


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What kit is it?

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Sharlamae (spellling may be wrong)

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Interesting, when I tried to put one in the cart, I was told:

Error Detected
Error Message

PayPal cannot process this transaction because of a problem with the seller’s website. Please contact the seller directly to resolve this problem.

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As far as buying from Ukraine goes it is not any more risky than anywhere else. including the USA. As long as you pay with PP, open case for item not received/not as described within the specified time, you are protected if anything goes wrong.

That kit is long sold out…nonies sometimes doesn’t update which kits are out of stock (had that issue with Brayden Russell a couple years ago on her site). I think the asking price is fair, but I know nothing about shipping from Ukraine lol.

I saw a listing for Sharlamae online for Nonies. I clicked on it too, but it was an old listing (the date was there someplace) that still came up due to the wording of the search.When I went to the current site page, there was no listing for Sharlamae. I don’t think the fault was with the retailer. I just think old things still show up online when you do a search for something.

That sounds about correct; that is approximately what i would expect to pay for parcel about that size to be sent that sort of distance around the globe.
Buying from these sort of countries is no problem, sending there is another thing as some may not have reliable deliveries, and may not do signature on delivery. That mans that as a seller you would not have PP protection.


Thanks everyone for your replies.