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Ok… Trying my best to reconfigure because I melted a toe. I had and extra…melted that one too! So, I need new legs for Nicolas! Can I use CORBIN legs on a full leg body, with a NIKOLAS. Head?

The legs look to be close to the same size and corbin seems to have a longer calf length even though the kits have a 1" size difference with nikolas being 22 inches when finished with 3/4 limb body. Since you are planning on using a full leg body with Corbin legs, the finished baby will probably be about 20-21 inches.

corbin legs

nikolas legs
Perhaps someone else can come along with an opinion.

Pia, do you think his head will be way to big on that body?

I haven’t done either of those, so I can’t help, but how did you manage to melt the legs? I feel so bad for you.

I really don’t know! I bought 2 arms and keg sets from ebay. I loved them! They were no chubby big and super heavy vinyl. The seller didn’t remember where she bought them or who made them. She said they were German made. Anyway, as soon as I baked them they turned sticky. I kept painting and baked again. Same oven, same temp as all of my other dolls. Took them out… Both big toes deformed by melting! Of course… I was doing both sets at once, and it was the big toe on BOTH RIGHT FEET! And… Still sticky. I gave up on my German legs… And need replacements. The arms and lefts are fine! Lol but sticky. Starting over!:speak_no_evil:

I wish I would of bought bb kits instead of those legs! Sometimes a deal… Is not a deal:-( lol

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I agree, Nichole. I haven’t seen a lot of real bargains in the reborn world. Stick with the trusted companies, bite the bullet, and pay the price. Poor girl. That whole deal was an awful mess. And I bet the fumes from that sticky vinyl weren’t especially healthful either. You need big hugs!

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Thank you! I need big hugs and new legs! Lol you are right. Lesson learned!

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Nikolas is a 22 inch baby and his head is only 3/8 of an inch larger than Corbin’s head. You really will just have to look at it when you are ready to put the kit together and decide. You can always order a different body. Corbin was on sale earlier today when I looked for $14.98.

Thank you Pia! I missed him! Dang it!

I have Nicholas legs, I actually have the whole kit, I bought him about 6 months ago and just have never gotten around to working on him. I don’t mind trading legs, I can take your Corbins. Just let me know.

Angel, you are so sweet! But with the body I want to use, I actually need the CORBIN LEGS. I really appreciate you though! :heart:

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