Body for lillian

Has anyone used a 3/4 arm and full leg body for Lillian? If so did it work she is so big and I think the recommended body is to small and I hate the 3//4 leg bodies.Any suggestions would be appreciated thanks

She would totally work on a full leg body! Mine is on a 3/4 and I hate it too! But her legs are definitely long enough

I love, love, love your picture with the pups. So, so sweet. :slight_smile:

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Thank you! He’s essentially quadrupled in size now and is so much bigger than her :joy:


Thanks Milos I put her on 20" Body for 3/4 Arms, Full Legs - #5884 but her head looks to big

BTW her head is not attached yet she needs hair.


I would go up a body size for sure!

She needs a 22-23" body. Make sure it’s front loading full legs or they’ll hang funny.

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Thanks I will check out MacPherson I found this one but do you know if it has the logo on it