Body for Laila?

Hey all,
Was wondering if any of you had put a 21 in body on a 18 in. doll before? I’m thinking of doing this bb’s Laila and their 21 in. body, do you think it would look weird? I put Skya in a 20 in. body and it looked fine, and she’s eighteen inches like Laila. Will that inch in body size make a huge difference? Thanks!

You can get away with 1/2"-1" but a 3 inch difference will be very disproportionate. You have to consider the limbs as well as the head. Are you just wanting a bigger baby?

It’s for my sister, she’s wanting Laila’s face, but she wants a bigger baby. I don’t know what to do, she was also open to Johanna, but now she’s sold out.

She’ll probably have to search for a bigger baby with a face similar to Laila. Irresistables and MacPherson’s both have lots of kits if she can’t find one she likes on BB. She should search for 21-22 inch kits.

I had tried to put Lalia on the 21" body (got the wrong one by accident lol) and I will tell you she looked so off proportion wise. Very long body and small head. Just didn’t look right.
I used the 19" body for her, which worked well

The wrong body can ruin the whole effect.

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It really can! Most don’t think a couple inches would make much difference but oh it can lol

thank you! I was able to convince my sister to agree to Johannah, now I just have to find a kit since it’s out of stock lol

Johanna is not much bigger…

hmm, I was afraid of that, I’ve only seen 3 month joseph and skya in person so I wasn’t sure,

Maybe show her other sculpts that are a bit bigger?

Landon is a great size.

I’m currently showing her kits on macphearson’s. She’s loving Abigail by Reva Schick lol Thank you!