Body confusion

I am wanting to buy a body from Oncesoreal for my realborn Logan asleep and have always been confused as to the different varieties .
I see long arm and leg bodies
Bodies with no arms or legs at all
Body’s with short arms and legs

Can someone tell me the method for knowing which doll limbs go with what
bodies .

Does the vinyl kits with full limbs have more choice when choosing a body ?

Look at the kit description and there you will find the size the baby will end up being. That narrows down your choices. Full arms mean that they connect right to the body, 3/4 arms require a body with arm caps. Legs are a different story. Full legs connect right to the body, then 3/4 legs are supposed to have the jointed leg caps… but most of us don’t like them and use a front loading body meant for full legs instead.

Did this help or confuse you more? :slight_smile:


Thanks @DollyPardon yep i was following you until you mentioned front loading bodies :sweat_smile:

Full limb -

Front loading mixed limbs -

3/4 limbs with caps -

There are different sizes of each style

In the kit listings there is a link for related items where it shows the rings, plugs and bodies needed. His says 20 inch full limb


Thanks @jlesser
Helpful info I want to buy from Oncesoreal in Germany and they looked a little different

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I am not sure what bodies they have. I don’t see a translator so I am not sure what link to push :wink:

I have seen a few full limbed babies on the ones with disc joints… but I do not like how they look in a onsie.

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Here are some from macphersons that may be closer to what they have
The large circle is close to what is suggested for him and the one with circled words is one that may work (disc body) the other one with side loading legs will make some kits very frog like :wink:


@jlesser your a star thanks so much .
I’m having the same problem regarding translating on the Oncesoreal website.

I’m living in Germany so cheaper as I only want to buy the body and missed the big BB sales so don’t want to pay import tax on a small order

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I went to the Once So Real site and the link to translate came up in the upper right hand corner when the site first came up. They have some nice kits, by a lot of different artists, but I couldn’t find any bodies that don’t come with kits. Try translating again and maybe you can contact them.


Thanks @jeanhai I finally managed to translate but with my google chrome .
I spent ages looking for the bodies at first as I kept bringing up the clothing but I found it eventually under skeletons .

Loving the fairy kits.


Skeletons? I would never have found them! lolol


I am using Opera… I bet that is my issue :slight_smile: