Bodies and glass beads (FYI)

Yesterday… all day, I had in my cart 5 RealBorn bodies (19’ full limb) along with several others, while trying to decide which kit besides Miranda I wanted to order. By the time I decided to check out last night, the 19" bodies were out of stock. :anguished: I desperately need two of those so I went on a search and found that babiesbyemily makes bodies that will fit. I ordered the two I need now from her. I have not used her bodies before so I am not “recommending” just letting you know incase anyone else has a body emergency like me.

Glass beads: in case you haven’t noticed, BB has them on sale. $2.09 lb. Pretty good price with the flat rate shipping.

PS I was distraught over the bodies and forgot to order another kit. :blush: I may have to place another order today. Hehehe!


I have used her Sawyer full limb bodies on several kits. It is a chubby body so looks good on limbs that are not skinny.


I ordered from her before and it was great- fast and great quality. I can recommend her.
Also I was bummed too that they were all out- I ordered today I got all the 20” ones. 4 of them. 3 of the dolls call for a 19” and one is for 20” so I hope it turns out alright!