Blush Help

I have such a terrible time with blushing color. It always seems to be too pink or too dark and everything else under the sun. I don’t use premixed paint and I do use GHSP.

I know painting styles change so I decided to post a new topic about it (hopefully there are no recent ones I have missed… :flushed: )

Of you don’t mind sharing - How do you mix your blush for your babies?
And feel free to post pictures of your babies - everyone loves seeing babies. :smile:

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I typically use a very light coat of a reddish purple color. Not sure how to describe it. On fairer dolls I use a peachier color, and darker babies get a deep reddish purple-y color. For my typical caucasian baby blush, I use pyrrole red, genesis red (just a touch), little tiny bit of blue and burnt umber.
I use the same color on palms & soles
This babe has very light blushing cause she has a fairly pink tone to her overall so less was needed.


Thank you so much! I love her little toes!! :heart_eyes:

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