Blue Spots?

Hi everybody I have just joined your forum but I am in desperate need of some help. I have almost finished the doll I am working on ’ Nova kit ’ but noticed two pin head sized blue spots in the bend of her arm. No idea how these have come about, I know these will be impossible to remove but have you any suggestion on how I could disguise them. I thought of doing a strawberry birthmark but don’t know if this would cover them. Any suggestions would be welcome.

If you use the magnifying glass search function you will find ways to remove dots. I think most will tell you to use zit cream… Search results for 'removing spots' - Bountiful Baby Customer Forum


Thank you, I’ll give it a try.

Read through those I think sunlight is the key but I have never done it so read what others said please :slight_smile:

Are you sure they are paint/ink dots? I am working on my Nova and
have found those little dark EMBEDDED dots!!! GRRRR…
you pay that much for a kit…and those little dots are awful…

One on a finger and one on the thigh so far…it seems
that the heat from baking them draws them to the surface.

It is something that gets into the vinyl apparently from the
mold…little slivers of metal or something.

Pulled them out with a straight pin…but it leaves a
teeny little hole and you have to be careful not to let
paint get into it!!!


No its paint looks like what I used for the veins, somehow I must have has some left on a brush. I also have a Libby kit not even painted but when I got her out to paint the ink from a plastic bag which had the cloth body in had stained the head. Lesson learnt. Luckily that’s not an expensive kit and the paint and rooting should cover that after I have tried the oxy10 cream, fingers crossed, the other thing I find with some of the new kits is that they have dimples there not smooth, the Nova kit had them, was yours the same? Thank you for your reply at least if I get a kit with dark dots I’ll know what they are.

For the dots in the arm crease you can dip a toothpick in Windsor & Newton and rub it very gently with the top. It should come off without taking much paint. If need be you can touch up the spots to blend them back in.

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