Blue paint spots Now what?

Made this cute little Emma…but made.a mess! .
its been cloudy here for weeks and months even .I usually check every part well for booboos
in the sunshine before i bake .Couldnt finish her
all these cloudy days she just sat
Fnally did my best looking when cloudy baked her anyway
.Looking at her in the sun today she has blue streaks on both lower cheeks which i baked on as i didnt see them
.Looks like the blue brush touched her cheeks on both sides lightly but enough
Looks like the baby of that lady in 1800 stolen by indians and has blue tattoo streaks on her chin
Over 31/2 years or so making many babies that turn out well …until this baby and she is so adorable im just sick
.Anyone have any tricks im not aware off to cover or remove this mess? or
should i sell as booboo baby which i have never done before so no idea on pricing either

You could try some pimple cream on just those lines and let it sit a few days.