Blue nose

Help! My baby’s nose turned blue 2nd his fingers too. Head is sleeping Clyde, hands and feet are Thomas. I noticed his nose and finger tips after about 3 weeks. His thighs, knees, and feet are turning too. My niece, who painted my baby in the first place, started to repaint, the blue nose still shows through, maybe even more so.

This is usually due to the clothes you’re dressing him in, the surfaces you’re placing him on, or - the worst culprit - the clothes you wear while holding him. My poor April kit has black fingers and toes now, until I get around to repainting them, because we took her to church on Christmas Eve and my partner was wearing a Walmart brand black velvet dress. Inexpensive brands like Walmart tend to have more dye bleed.

Are his clothes darker colors? You can put white tights and a plain white oneise underneath his clothes to prevent dye from transferring onto his body. Remove any darker colored blankets from his space and cover any dark surfaces he might lay on including playpens, chairs, sheets, etc. Don’t cuddle him when wearing any dark clothing, or use a light colored blanket between your clothing and him. It could even be your makeup if you wear it, hair dye if you use it, etc.

If you’re sure it’s none of these, what is he stuffed and weighed with? Any colored craft sand inside him? I’ve heard of colored sand dyeing the vinyl slowly from the inside out.


I had this happen to one of my customers and read on this forum about the Oxy10 cream and told her about it and she said it worked. She just put the cream on and laid her in sunlight for 10 minutes at a time until it faded out.


I am certain nothing you mentioned is the culprit. The outfits i have had him in are light yellow or white

Does the oxy10 bother the paint?

Blanket? Pillow? toy? carseat? stroller? Your clothes? Your jacket? mittens? socks?
It could even be just the edge of a blanket, a ribbon, etc.

Did she use a old tutorial where you die the inside?

No and no. I don’t wear dark colors, his blanket is white, and he has only worn a yellow colored sleeper or an off white knit long legged and long sleeved romper with matching booties. But his clothes wouldn’t effect his nose or finger tips

How strange!!! Anything that removes stains will remove some paint too. But, it may be worth it to take out the stains and repaint. What is the doll weighted and stuffed with?