Blue Hair?

I bought some Ruby Red Black straight hair from BB because I’m doing an Asian baby. I opened it up and it has a strong blue cast to it. Is this normal? I looked at it in another light and it still has a blue cast.

If you can I would send it back. I bought some from someone on ebay, it was supposed to be a light brown and when I rooted a little of it, it had a lavender tint to it. The buyer was wonderful and took it back and even paid for the return shipping. I have never bought Ruby Red, but I have not heard any thing good about it either. Right now I stick mostly to Delta Dawn or Slumberland. It cost a little more (especially Delta Dawn), but there is no waste.


I buy the better stuff too but someone on here recommended it for the Asian babies. I’ll have to ask BB if this is the way it’s supposed to look. Anybody here today bought it before?

I bought Ruby Red for an Asian baby and sent it back as soon as I had a look at it. I don’t remember that it looked blue though. It just looked dry and like it would be a mess to deal with. I ended up buying a batch of Dark Beown/Almost Black in Slightly Wavy/Straight from @sugargliderus and it was awesome. I have rooted 2 Asian babies with it. These are the heads that are rooted with that hair. It really does look black without a hint of blue.


I’ll ask Carolyn to make me some.

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I added photos.

That is wonderful! I just pm’d her.

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Really black hair can have blue tinge in it; it depends how much blue, and what it will look like when rooted. Or you can use Alpaca, which is totally straight. It may have a slight brown tinge, but once rooted it does look black. The tips are more brown but they get cut of anyway.

suri hill aplaca


I have had a different experience …I find it is impossible to root with ruby red hair. Some hairs are very course others are not (almost like human hair) . I got some dark brown for my last baby half of it came out even though I was rooting on an angle, (it was not my first rooting job) Check Google lots of people have problems with this RUBY RED Brand