Blue dots 😩

Lately it seems like every other kit I get out to paint has a blue dot somewhere. This time it’s on her lip and I can’t turn it into a little mole like I have been doing. I haven’t bought any seconds kits so it’s frustrating to have the pitting issue on toes or fingers and then having random blue dots. Is this a normal thing or should these kits have been sold as seconds?

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I feel your pain! I have had so many kits with blue dots. Toddler Liam from Macphersons had them ALL over! I contacted them about it and they said it’s part of the process and would refund if I sent the kit back but it was for a custom so I couldn’t do that. It’s very frustrating. My Baylor had one on his cheek and I had to turn it into a scratch. He was a full price kit from Irresistibles. They are not surface dots to use the acne cream method. They are embedded. And it seems to me that more come out when you bake. It drives me crazy and has turned me off from doing customs.

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Yes…imbedded into the vinyl…either little fragments of metal from the mold or little dirt/oil spots from the mold.

VERY frustrating as expensive as most kits are.

I don’t know if I would attempt it on the lip…but I have taken a straight pin and tried to dig out the spot and then fill/cover with thick medium to keep paint buildup out.

It’s such a bummer because most customers aren’t going to be okay with “it happens as part of the process”. It really stinks they are so stubborn and won’t be covered without something dark like a mole or scratch.

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